The first of its kind

Executing over 80% of its operations on GPUs, Plasma Engine runs natively on Apache Arrow, a vectorized columnar in-memory data format which is optimized for analytical data processing.

As we ported Apache Spark, your Spark workloads run fast on Plasma Engine without any code changes, allowing you to leverage the power of GPUs without any of the hassle.

Plasma Engine Product Sheet

Learn how Plasma Engine can help you process data faster. Download our Product Sheet.


Plasma Engine Datasheet

View the Plasma Engine technical capabilities and system requirements. Download our Datasheet.


Up to 1000x Faster

Plasma Engine processes data up to 1000x faster than traditional CPU-bound, Java-based stream processing softwares‍

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Cut costs by more than 50%

The incredible efficiency of Plasma Engine will dramatically reduce your total cost of real-time data processing

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Reduce Energy & Space by 95%

Plasma Engine requires far less energy and space than its competitors, and cuts your CO2 emissions by more than 95% 

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Multiple Components

Select from tons of styled components to build your pages. Easily combine different blocks and experiment with layouts.

Easy To Style

Using Global Colour swatches, and a block-based structure,
Uptime makes it easy to achieve the perfect layout for your site.

Diverse Layouts

Uptime comes with multiple layout examples that demonstrate flexibility and style; Choose from a demo or build your own easily.