PlasmaENGINE® v1.2

By exploiting the massive parallel processing power of GPUs, has created the fastest stream processing engine in the world today.

PlasmaENGINE® is the first GPU-native software to fully leverage NVIDIA GPUs and Apache Arrow for real-time processing of infinite data in motion, over multiple nodes, with multiple GPUs.

By porting Apache Spark to PlasmaENGINE®, we empower you to process your existing Spark workloads faster than ever on GPUs without the hassle of changing your code.

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" is one of the most innovative AI start-ups that we have seen using GPUs and our CUDA platform to provide true real-time stream processing."
Jeff Herbst, VP Business Development - NVIDIA

Save time, save money, do more. (A lot more.)

How does it work?

To make going fast easy, we first ported Apache Spark to Plasma Engine, enabling you to process existing Spark workloads up to 1000x faster than Apache Spark but without requiring any changes to your Spark code.

What are the biggest benefits?

Processing that previously took hours, will now take seconds. Plasma Engine helps you work smarter, not harder, resulting in a better experience for your customers and more opportunities to grow your business.

What does the implementation process look like?

We deliver our software as either a Docker, AWS AMI, Azure VHD, or GCE Image, which means your initial testing can be started in less than 15 minutes.

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Process Your Infinite Data

“Wow” your customers by delivering performance never thought possible.

Save Time, Save Money

Process data up to 1000x faster, and cut total processing costs by more than 50%.

Start Testing In Minutes

With our easy implementation process, you’ll be able to start testing our software in 15 minutes.

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